AIR Commander | long-range drone camera remote controller

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AIR Commander

is a product family for camera remote controlling on drones. Over the years of the AIR Commander family evolution, we have basically two options for the camera remote control. The basic product is AIR Commander Link, which is a universal remote controller aimed at the camera control. Because the remote control of any camera is a complex task with many possible usage scenarios, we have developed this special universal tool for transferring of user commands to the drone position user-friendly way.

AIR Commander Link, is an evolution of AIR Commande v1 and v2 and has been tested on hundreds of drones all over the world. It uses “no interference” protocol to avoid any possible drone control issues and has been proved by time.

No compromises in adjustable parameters.
Change every single thing you need.



1 KM


*  range of AIR Commander Link in open area, without any other 2.4GHz transmission was tested for 1.5 km. Even AIR Commander’s protocol can coexist with other transmissions very well, range at your setup is dependant on other transmissions 2.4GHz transmitted on drone self.


AIR Commander Link expanded by SmartPlug

AIR Commander Link, can be expanded by A7 or A9 SmartPlug. SmartPlugs are used at Sony A7&A9 Series to control the camera and also for the powering of the camera. SmartPlugs are in fact simulating the battery grip and control the camera buttons directly. This is our best solution for remote control of Sony cameras. Super easy to hook-up, super simple to use, super fast and reliable solution. Additionally, because the camera “has no idea” that is remotely controlled by SmartPlug, there are NO restrictions of controlled parameters.

This combo provides you the full access to the camera menu with all the functions. For example, you can work with:

  • P-A-S-M mode (via memory banks)
  • Aperture
  • Shutter speed
  • Exposure correction
  • ISO value
  • White Balance
  • Exposure correction
  • Exposure lock
  • Picture profile (Slog2 and other)
  • Optical Zooming (with electronic lens[PZ])
  • Digital Zoom
  • Zoom & Scroll in reviewed photos
  • Focus assistant
  • Steady Shot settings
  • Super35 / Full-frame capture mode
  • Trigger Shutter /  Trigger Video recording
  • Burst photo shooting at high FPS
  • and all other functions/parameters






And that’s still not all, every Sony user know, how quick is battery in-camera drained. You will never have to return your drone for battery replacement. AIR Commander Link also adopts functions for timelapse, cyclic photography with a configurable interval between shots.  Your creativity will get new horizons.

Direct explanation

Still not sure what AIR Commander Link expanded by SmartPlug brings to your hands? Here are two simple images. AIR Commander Link remotely controls all highlighted buttons. Pressing button on the AIR Commander Link transmitter makes directly equivalent button press on your camera. Does not matter if the camera is hanging under your drone, or is left in the jungle to capture wild animals.

There is no difference between an usual handling of the camera and the AIR Commander remote. No restrictions, all functions in your hands.
Shutter button, which has two states of the press, is remotely controlled in both positions, you have a separate button for “half-press” and “full-press”.

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AIR Commander Link expanded by Entire

The previous option is a very smart solution for remote control of Sony cameras. But we wanted more. We got many requests for remote control of Nikon, Canon, Fuji, BlackMagic, Z-CAM and more. That was the reason to create new expansion for our Link. The Entire is our newest camera remote, which is able to control almost any camera on the current market.

AIR Commander Entire r2

As at option one, you can use the AIR Commander Link to transfer your commands to the Entire, and the Entire will execute your command on the Camera. But this is not the only way, the Entire has also separate SBUS input, so you can also use it as a standalone camera remote-controlled by your drone RC controller, or you can mix both options. For more information about controlling possibilities check Entire’s separate web page.

The Entire is able to control your camera in multiple ways. At first its USB port, in this case, you can also get camera charging. Some cameras are also available to be controlled via WiFi or InfraRED commands. But that is not all, the Entire is also capable to control cameras via LANC bus (SONY, BlackMagic, and others), or LAN (SONY Venice), or BlueTooth (BlackMagic cameras without LANC), or UART (PhaseOne Industrial iX cameras). For more info check Entire’s separate web page.








The Entire also provides features of GeoTagging for SONY cameras. All photogrammetry missions are getting much simpler when accurate GPS coordinates are saved directly in the EXIF of the JPG/ARW in the camera SD card. Photogrammetry features of the Entire are described here.

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More about Link

More info about AIR Commander Link

AIR Commander Link has also automation features. The transmitter can be now controlled from PC, ARM processors, Arduinos or similar devices via the open UART bus protocol. The same options are available at the receiver. AIR Commander Link can be now used in many automation applications, not just in the drone industry. New optional UART control makes a wide opportunity for all developers to control every single parameter of camera automated from custom software running in the PC or single processor.

All parts of the AIR Commander ecosystem has updateable firmware, which means any new compatible camera can be added in to support in the future.

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How does AIR Commander work

AIR Commander Link works in the ISM 2.4GHz band, but you don’t need to be worried about any interference with your RC setup! The device uses only 1% of 2.4 GHz band (your RC transmitter uses usually the whole band) and is wirelessly active only when the button on the console is pressed. Additionally, each command takes only about 0.003s to be transmitted. That’s not all, AIR Commander Link uses very smart technology (CSMA) which scan band before sending any data. If there is any other active communication, AIR Commander Link will wait for a pause.

All these numbers are tested on hundreds of setups all over the world. It does not matter if you are using DJI M600 or Futaba / Graupner / Multiplex transmitter, all work in the real world in many countries. Furthermore, the receiver mounted on the camera is sending data just about one second after power-up to pair with the console. Once paired, the receiver is completely radio silent and sending no wireless signal at all. That means your RC receiver can’t be harmed by any interference during flight.

AIR Commander is tested on hundreds of setups all over the world. It does not matter if you are using DJI M600 or usual RC transmitter, all work in the real world in many countries.