AIR Commander v2 | Full remote controller for SONY A7 cameras

AIR Commander v2

is remote controler for Sony cameras which saves time and unrepeatable moments for hundreds of photographers all over the world. We have been working hard creating even better version, which can help even more. Months were spent on hacking Sony protocols and data transmission ciphers. All these development achievments makes AIR Commander v2 the best remote controler for Sony cameras on the market.



New version of AIR Commander makes NO compromises in controlled parameters. No sheet of adjustable parameters is necessary, you can change everythink on your camera. Yes! Every single function of your camera. AIR Commander v2 gives you remote control above all buttons and wheels of your camera.


No compromises in adjustable parameters.
Change every single thing you need.




1 KM


*  range of AIR Commander V2 in open area, without any other 2.4GHz transmission was tested for 1.5 km. Even AIR Commanders protocol can coexist with other transmissions very well, range at your setup is dependant on other transmissions 2.4GHz transmitted on drone self.
Whether you are making videos or photographs, whether you are flying just for fun or professionally, you will love it! No more returns to switch the camera mode. No more breaks to change the exposure. Never miss the best light, never miss the right moment. Just fly and enjoy your creativity without any interruptions.


What is AIR Commander

With AIR Commander you will have the camera under control in the air. Do you need to increase ISO value? Aperture, Shutter speed? Need to change the exposure correction? Need to switch P-A-S-M mode? Nothink is problem! AIR Commander provides you the full access to the camera menu with all the functions. For example you can work with:

  • P-A-S-M mode (via memory banks)
  • Aperture
  • Shutter speed
  • Exposure correction
  • ISO value
  • White Balance
  • Exposure correction
  • Exposure lock
  • Picture profile (Slog2 and other)
  • Optical Zooming (with electronic lens[PZ])
  • Digital Zoom
  • Zoom & Scroll in reviewed photos
  • Focus assistant
  • Steady Shot settings
  • Super35 / Full-frame capture mode
  • Trigger Shutter /  Trigger Video recording
  • Burst photo shooting at high FPS
  • and all other functions / parameters







But that’s still not everything! Each console is able to pair with dozens of receivers! Once paired, all receivers reacts to commands from console at the same time. This feature gives you the ability to synchronize shutter of many cameras at once, which can be creatively used at drones or anywhere else.

And that’s still not all, every Sony user know, how quick is battery in camera drained. You will never have to return your drone for battery replace. AIR Commander v2 has smart battery plug, which allows user to control whole camera without exception and additionally integrates smart circuits, for powering your camera from drone battery. You will never more have to return, you will never more see the Empty battery message.

AIR Commander also adopts functions for timelapse, cyclic photography with defined interval between shots.  Your creativity will get new horizons.

Straight explain

Direct explanation



Still not sure what AIR Commander brings to your hands? Here are two simple images. AIR Commander v2 remotely controls all highlighted buttons. Pressing button on AIR Commander transmitter makes directly equivalent button press on your camera. Does not matter if camera is hanging under your drone, or is left in jungle to capture wild animals. All buttons are still like in your hands.



In  compare to WiFi control via native Sony app, AIR Commander has direct control above buttons on your camera. There is no difference between usual handling of camera and AIR Commander remote. No restrictions, all functions in your hands.
Shutter button, which has two states of press, is remotely controlled in both positions, you have separate button for “half press” and “full press” of shutter button.



New functions

New design, new features

AIR Commander v2 got incredible new options. Transmitter can be now controlled from PC, ARM processors, Arduinos or similar devices via UART bus. The same options are available at receiver. AIR Commander can be now used in many automation application, not just in drone industry. New optional UART control makes wide oportunity for all developers to control every single parameter of camera automated from custom software runing in PC or single processor.

All parts of AIR Commander ecosystem has now updateable firmware, that means any new compatible camera can be added into support in the future.

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How does AIR Commander work

AIR Commander works in ISM 2.4GHz band, but you don’t need to be worried about any interference with your RC setup! In reality is AIR Commander much safer then remotes which uses WiFi to control camera on board. The device uses only 1% of 2.4 GHz band (your RC transmitter uses whole band) and is wirellessly active only when the button on the console is pressed. Additionally each command takes only about 0.003s to be transmitted. Thats not all, AIR Commander uses very smart technology (CSMA) which scan band before sending any data. If there is any other active communication, AIR Commander will wait for a pause.

All these numbers are tested on hudreds of setups all over the world. It does not matter if you are using DJI M600 or Futaba / Graupner / Multiplex transmitter, all works in real world in many countries. Furthermore, the receiver mounted on the camera is sending data just about one second after powered up to pair with console. Once paired, the receiver is completely radio silent and sending no wireless signal at all. That means your RC receiver can’t be harmed by any interference during flight.

AIR Commander is tested on hundreds of setups all over the world. It does not matter if you are using DJI M600 or usual RC transmitter, all works in real world in many countries.





0.003 s





Supported cameras

Which cameras are supported?

AIR Commander v2 was born to control professional Sony cameras like A7R2. Anyway we have added some other types to support and we are happy to add A6xxx series to the list. That you are not Sony user? Once AIR Commader exist, there is no logical reason to fly other brands…


  • Sony A9
  • Sony A7
  • Sony A7 II
  • Sony A7 III
  • Sony A7s
  • Sony A7s II
  • Sony A7r
  • Sony A7r II
  • Sony A7r III
  • Sony a6500*
  • Sony a6300*
  • Sony a6000*

* without Smart Plug functions



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